Proud and True Award

The Class of 1972 Proud and True award recognizes those whose lifetime leadership and service we, as a class, want to honor and recognize.  This includes their positive influence on the class while at West Point and/or after graduation as well as their exemplary service to the Nation consistent with the ideals of West Point and our motto “Proud and True.” Recipients may not be a member or former member of the Class. Nominees from all walks of life (i.e. civilians) are welcome.

Established in 2013, the award is presented at class mini-reunions based the votes of class officers and members of the reunion committee. Prior recipients include:
2013 - Former USMA Basketball Coach Bobby Knight.
2014 - COL (Ret) Fred Peters and COL (Ret) Robert A. (Tex) Turner
2015 - LTG (Ret) Robert F. Foley
2018 - Chaplain (COL Ret) Andrew Seidel
2019 -  LTG (Ret) Thomas Griffin, LTG (Ret) Glynn Mallory, and COL (Ret) Terry Wallace

Proud and True Award Presentation

Note: Due to health issues LTG (Ret) Glynn Mallory was unable to attend the 2019 Mini-Reunion in Nashville. Subsequently Bob & Kathleen Dees were able to present his award before he passed away this past February.


What a privilege to visit with Glynn and Linda -- truly great Americans.  Kathleen and I enjoyed a range of stories from Glynn as a Tac (said he always insured he clicked the taps on his shoes so the E2 cadets would have a fighting chance) to stories about their early days of courtship to stories about them reaching out to burn patients at BAMC to stories about their fights v. cancer (Linda finished her cancer treatments the week Glynn was diagnosed).  They both are such models of dignity and optimistic grace.

The award was very meaningful to Glynn -- he expressed gratitude to our class and to his beloved E2.  I have attached a few photos.  As well, he joked about "how unusual for someone to give an award to a TAC!"  We gave Linda some yellow roses from our class as well.  She is a sweetheart!

In all seriousness, Kathleen and I were greatly blessed by this visit with Team Mallory.   May God comfort, strengthen, guide, and console them in the difficult days ahead.

Proud & True,