Grand Summit Resort - Park City, Utah

Right now you can register for your hotel – we need to get reservations in as quickly as we can so we can make sure we have enough rooms at these attractive prices and increase accordingly:

Room Rates
Single Rate - Grand Summit Standard Guestroom - $159.00
Grand Summit Suite w/ One Bedroom - $184.00
Grand Summit Suite w/Two Bedroom - $244.00
Three Bedroom Suites may be available, you will have to ask when you call in.

Hotel Registration
Hotel: Grand Summit

You will be able to make reservations by calling their Group Reservation Department at 1-888-416-6195. Please identify yourselves with one or all of the below information to receive the group’s special rates:

Group Name:              West Point Class of 1972
Group ID:                     CP9WEPT
Group Dates:              08/25/2021-08/29/2021 - rates good 3 days                                           before and 3 days after

Online Link:

All are encouraged to make your reservations as soon as you know your planned dates of stay. Reservations specialists will be able to assist you through the reservations process. The specialists can provide all the information for the different room types within Canyons Village and the special rates available for our group.

Please note that your special group rates are valid 3 days before and after your above group dates.

In order to change dates of stay please select the desired dates and hit the “modify” button to make the new dates stick.

A 1 night deposit is due at booking, balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. Any changes or cancellations to your booking must be made 7 days prior to your arrival date. Late arrivals, early departures, downgrade to room types, and no-shows are non-refundable 7 days prior to your arrival date.

Classmates Attending Park City Mini Reunion - thru January 26st, 2021

LAST             FIRST           CONF   Co.Regt. ARR          DEP          STS #
BOXBERGER  JOHN            JG3C3    A1       8/26/21  8/29/2021     M4
IDZIOR           RAYN            K3C3      A1       8/26/21  8/29/2021     M3
OSKVAREK    PAULL           F3C3      A1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
WILSON        TOD               TFB43    A1       8/24/21  8/29/2021     M4
AUBRECHT   LARRY                           B1       8/26/21  8/30/2021     M1
GENDRON   BLAKE            VPSB3    B1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M2
GERACI          JOHN            H33C3    B1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M7
POTTER         GARY            G33C3    B1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
MILLER          SCOTT          HH3C3   C1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
BROWN         HARRY         RC3C3    C1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     H4
BRITAIN         WILLIAM     5NBC3    E1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
SPEER             GARY          5P3C3     E1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
MILLER          DENNIS       NJHC3     F1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
ROGGOW     JOHN            NWHC3  F1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
SMITH           GRANT         NG3C3   F1       8/24/21  8/29/2021     M5
SMITH           GRANT         T33C3    F1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
DALY             RUTH            5B3C3    H1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
HERDRICH   WILLIAM       GH3C3   H1       8/24/21  8/29/2021     M5
MINSHEW    CHARLES      ZP3C3    H1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
GRAY             DENNIS        RF3C3    I1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     H4
MARTIN     KENNETH        GMFC3    I1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
WEBB         GEORGE          HGMF3   H1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
WILSON        WILLIAM       XDPB3   I1       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M5
ALLBRIGHT  BOB               F43C3    B2       8/25/21  8/29/2021     H4
BOSWELL     THOMAS       CBBC3    B2       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
BOWMAN     GREG            5Z3C3    C2       8/22/21  8/29/2021     M4
LYSFJORD      MICHAEL     NH3C3   C2       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
NORTHROP  JOHN             FC3C3   C 2       8/25/21  8/29/2021     S4
KIMSEY          MEL               CVRF3   D2       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
SLONE           JAMES            TG3C3   D2       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
DAVIS            MARION         KLY43   E2       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
DONALD       JEFFERY           X43C3  E2       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
HOLLAND    ROBERT           JH3C3  A3       8/23/21  8/30/2021     M7
MITCHELL    DAVIDT            K3C3   A3       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
ADAMCZYK   JOSEPH        CQWC3 F3       8/26/21  8/30/2021      M5
DUFAULT      JEFFREY          LC3C3  G3       8/26/21  8/29/2021     M3
HUGHES        JAMES            HG3C3 G3       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
LIEN              RICHARD         QLBC3 G3       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
ROWEN         JULIE                VP3C3  G3       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
TURNER        LARRY              YHCP3    G3       8/25/21  8/29/2021  M4
VAN VURST  FRED                 N33C3  G3       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
DRACH         JOSEPH            GK3C3   I3       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
PEDERSEN  DAVID               V B3C3  C4       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
JONES          RANDY             TWHJ3   G4       8/24/21  8/29/2021     M5
LUPFER       TIMOTHY        XD5P3    G4       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
POWERS      ROBERT           FF3C3    G4       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
BRENNAN   ALAN               JK3C3    H4       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M2
ERGONIS    JOE                   ZZ3C3   H4       8/24/21  8/29/2021     M5
PAVLICK      BILL                 TH3C3    H4       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4
RYAN          TOM                  L43C3    H4       8/25/21  8/29/2021     H4
CURRAN      BOB                 2HP43    I4       8/24/21  8/29/2021     M5
MUMMA      HENRY            PZ3C3       X       8/25/21  8/29/2021     M4

Multiple Reservations are represented by additional entries.

Total 52

Classmates Reservations Park City, UT 2021 Mini-Reunions-through 26 Jan 2021