Golfing Opportunities

Coordinator – Scott Pepper

   WPAOG Golf Outing     West Point, NY  June 2024
 -  Each Golfer participates as an Individual

Here is the link to register for the outing on 14-15 June: 2024 Alumni Golf Registration

You may also receive an automated email from our registration system.  Please feel free to share these emails with anyone you think might be interested in joining the outing.

A few notes about registration.  We adjusted registration options this year based on feedback from the last outing, to include 1-day golf options, and eating packages for non-golfing guests.  A few notes:

Please complete a separate registration for each golfer.

If you have a preference for who you’d like to golf with, please indicate that during registration.  If you are looking to golf with different pairings each day, please indicate that as well.

Teams golfing together for only one day will be eligible for daily prizes, but will not be eligible for the overall 2-day prizes.

If you do not have a preference for your team or are an individual registrant, that is not a problem.  Please register and we’ll pair you up with a team!

If you are golfing and are bringing a non-golfing guest, you can add a meal package for the non-golfing guest to your registration.  Please note that these meal packages are for the daytime only (breakfast and lunch) and do not include the Luau.  If your guest will attend the Luau, be sure to add a luau ticket to your registration.

If you are golfing only one day, and wish to join us for the Luau, please be sure to add the Luau as an a-la-carte option to your registration.

Drink tickets are included in the registration price for golfer packages (but are not included in meal packages for non-golfing guests)
Mulligans will be available at the clubhouse.

Here are the registration options

$325 - All-In Golfer (golf and eat both days, including the Luau Friday Night)

$150 - Golf and eat Friday (includes golf and breakfast/lunch)

$160 - Golf and eat Saturday (includes golf and breakfast/lunch)

$115 - 2-Day Eating Guest (no golf) (includes breakfast & lunch Friday and Saturday at the clubhouse; does not include Luau)

$52 - 1-day Friday Eating Guest (includes breakfast/lunch on Friday; does not include Luau)

$63 - 1-day Saturday Eating Guest (includes breakfast/lunch on Saturday)
$55 - Hawaiian Luau a-la-carte (cash bar will be available)

Access to West Point

The golf course is outside the West Point gates and does not require any special access.

If you are joining us for the Luau or would like to otherwise enter the Academy grounds during your stay, you will need to obtain a visitor’s pass, grad pass, or have a military or retiree ID card.  If you would like a visitor’s pass for the weekend, we can pre-submit your request and have the pass available for pickup at the golf clubhouse to save you a trip to the visitor’s center.  To register for a temporary visitor’s pass, please complete this form for each visitor: 2024 Golf Outing – Visitor Pass.

If you would like to obtain a 5-year Gradpass (available to graduates only), you can complete the registration here:  Please note, to obtain your gradpass, you will have to sign up with this link by 4 June, and will also have to stop by the visitor’s center to have your picture taken for your pass.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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