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To insure availability of rooms to everyone, we have expanded the number of rooms we are guaranteeing from 40 rooms/night to 60 rooms/night. While we have the ability to potentially increase availability of more rooms if needed, we need everyone to make their reservations now!

Think - while August is traditionally a slower month, we still have 2 things that are challenging us:
  • California Covid-19 Response: Many Californians have relocated to their second homes in Utah, so August, a normal slow time, is no longer that. Those homes have been removed from the rental market.
  • Capacity: We face two years of events trying to book into 1 years room capacity.
  • We Upped Our Committment: So I need your help to make sure we have adequate # of rooms for your classmates who are finally able to travel again.
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Blast to the Class (2021-05)


Wednesday, August 25 to Sunday August 29, 2021

With the vaccine getting widely distributed now, our planned 2021 Mini Reunion is becoming a great opportunity for all to travel again! Park City, Utah and the attractive rates they have made available to us comes with many opportunities.

Our website is up to date with Mini Reunion information. See  Registration for mini-reunion events is now available at our website, and hotel registration is STILL OPEN!


Room Rates
Single Rate - Grand Summit Standard Guestroom - $159.00
Grand Summit Suite w/ One Bedroom - $184.00
Grand Summit Suite w/Two Bedroom - $244.00          [For now, If one isn’t available when you call in, call Larry at 303-898-0595 and he can see if he can get you one]

The general agenda is below. 
Scott Peppler has worked hard to add additional activities for those On Your Own Activities (OYOA), but please check out the website – – especially the “Activities” tab under the “Schedule of Events” tab!
  • Activity                                    Cost/Person
    Registration                                    $50
    PayPal Fee                                       $15 (2021 price)

    Wednesday (8/25/2021)
    Meet & Greet                  
                    $ 0

    Thursday (8/26/2021)
    Registration (continued)
    Tour - Salt Lake City w/Lunch    $55
    Company/Small Group Dinner    $ 0

    Friday (8/27/2021)
    Golf                                                   $65
    Tour - Sundance w/Lunch           $50
    Olympic Park Show                      Included in price of dinner
    Class Dinner            

    Saturday (8/28/2021)
    Memorial Service                           $ 0
    Golf                                                 Select Foursomes
    Gala Class Banquet                       $95         

NOTE: To keep the price of the Friday event at the Olympic Park affordable for all we have not included the cost of the banquet tent rental of $2,000 in the cost for the event.
Having learned from our experience in San Antonio that activity price may preclude some from choosing to attend, I would ask that 4 individuals or companies with the wherewithal to contribute $500 towards that item if you are able to do so.

Fly Fishing - Park City - Anyone? – (Thanks Tom Boswell for this add)
For anyone interested in doing some fly fishing, there are some great opportunities near Park City.  Tom Boswell has contacted Park City Flyfishing (, a reputable guide service and fly shop. They do both wade fishing, and float fishing. The service provides all the gear including rods, reels, flies and waders. They will take anyone from beginner to experienced fly fisherman. Half days are $180 per person in a pair for a wade trip ($295 if you are alone) and $550 for a float trip for 2 people. Half day wade trips are 4 hours and scheduled to start at 6:30 AM and 11:30 AM.  The float trips are 6 hours and start at 7:30 and noon.The earlier times are best, due to competition on the river. Prices do not include customary gratuity, and Utah fishing license. Trips can be cancelled up to 48 hours.  50% refund within 48 hours and no refund for no shows.

Each fisherman will need to make his own reservation. Reservations are better made sooner rather than later, as guides get booked weeks, if not months ahead of time.  Let Park City Flyfishing know that you are with the Class of 72, and also let Tom Boswell know, so he can be a point of contact for this event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tom: cell 815-298-2427 or email at

Additional Activities – see the “Activities” tab
  • ·Kayaking Anyone? – Tim Lupfer
  • High West Distillery Tours
  • Sundance and Bridal Veil Falls Tour
  • Salt Lake Bus Tour
Check out our website: !

The Class of 1972 Mini Reunion Planning Committee:

Larry Aubrecht, Steve Mulliken, Tim Lupfer, Steve Presley, Chris LeBlanc, Tom Hendrix, Bob Curran, John Northrop, Greg Bowman, Al Geraci, Mel Kimsey, Rolly Dessert, Chuck Coleman, Thom Thomas.
Local contact: Scott Peppler
Hospitality Room Contact: Deborah LeBlanc