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To insure availability of rooms to everyone, we have expanded the number of rooms we are guaranteeing from 40 rooms/night to 60 rooms/night. While we have the ability to potentially increase availability of more rooms if needed, we need everyone to make their reservations now!

Think - while August is traditionally a slower month, we still have 2 things that are challenging us:
  • California Covid-19 Response: Many Californians have relocated to their second homes in Utah, so August, a normal slow time, is no longer that. Those homes have been removed from the rental market.
  • Capacity: We face two years of events trying to book into 1 years room capacity.
  • We Upped Our Committment: So I need your help to make sure we have adequate # of rooms for your classmates who are finally able to travel again.


Blast to the Class (2021-02)

Proud and True Award

The Class of 1972 Proud and True Award recognizes those whose lifetime leadership and service that we, as a class, want to honor and recognize. 

This includes their positive influence on the class while at West Point and/or after graduation as well as their exemplary service to the Nation consistent with the ideals of West Point and our motto "Proud and True."
Please note, currently recipients may not be a member or former member of the Class.
Nominees from all walks of life (i.e. civilians) are welcome.

Established in 2013, the award is presented at class mini-reunions based the votes of class officers and members of the reunion committee. Prior recipients include:
  • former USMA Basketball Coach Bobby Knight (2013);
  • COL (Ret) Fred Peters (2014);
  • COL (Ret) Robert A. (Tex) Turner (2014);
  • LTG (Ret) Robert F. Foley (2015);
  • Chaplain (COL Ret) Andrew Seidel (2018);
  • LTG (Ret) Thomas Griffin (2019);
  • LTG (Ret) Glynn Mallory (2019), and
  • COL (Ret) Terry Wallace (2019).

Please contact Tom Hendrix for detailed information about nomination requirements or any questions at, (H) 717-245-2549 (M) 717-991-9887. Completed nominations are due to Tom by 1 April 2021!


With the vaccine now starting to be distributed, our planned 2021 Mini Reunion is becoming a great opportunity for all to travel again! Park City, Utah and the attractive rates they have made available to us comes with some opportunities. Our website is up to date with Mini Reunion information. See  Registration for mini-reunion events should be available in the spring, but hotel registration is NOW OPEN!

To insure availability of rooms to everyone, we expanded the number of rooms we are guaranteeing from 40 rooms/night to 60 rooms/night. While we have the ability to potentially increase availability of more rooms if needed, we do need everyone to make their reservations NOW! Having the ability to expand may not be available to us for very long.

PLEASE BOOK YOUR LODGING NOW!  (Still a Good Idea. Can’t emphasize this enough!)

That way we may be able to expand the number of rooms to accommodate all. See room rates below:

Room Rates
Single Rate - Grand Summit Standard Guestroom - $159.00
Grand Summit Suite w/ One Bedroom - $184.00
Grand Summit Suite w/Two Bedroom - $244.00          [If one isn’t available when you call in, call Larry at 303-898-0595 and he see if he can get you one]
Three Bedroom Suites may be available, you will have to ask when you call in.

Hotel Registration                                                            
Hotel: Grand Summit

(Please note we have some lower priced rooms at a nearby facility, the Silverado, on the direct link to Vail Associates provided on the website. Your committee recommends you all avail yourself of reservations at the Grand Summit when possible.)

The general agenda is below.  Scott Peppler is working to add additional activities for those On Your Own Activities (OYOA), but please check out the website – – that is where we plan on keeping you informed!

Wednesday                   8/25/2021
  • OYOA
  • Registration  
  • Meet & Greet                                

Thursday                      8/26/2021
  • OYOA
  • Golf  
  • Salt Lake City Tour                                              
  • Company/Small Group Dinners                                 

Friday                          8/27/2021
  • OYOA
  • Golf
  • Sundance Tour
  • Olympic Park Show
  • Class Dinner                                   

Saturday                      8/28/2021
  • Memorial Service   
  • OYOA                       
  • Golf                                
  • Gala Class Banquet                      

I sign off now with a final request – BOTTOM LINE --- THINK AUGUST IN PARK CITY IN 2021!

The Class of 1972 Mini Reunion Planning Committee:

Larry Aubrecht, Steve Mulliken, Tim Lupfer, Steve Presley, Chris LeBlanc, Tom Hendrix, Bob Curran, John Northrop, Greg Bowman, Al Geraci, Mel Kimsey, Rolly Dessert, Chuck Coleman, Thom Thomas.
Local contact: Scott Peppler
Hospitality Room Contact: Deborah LeBlanc