A Heartfelt Letter of Appreciation

LTG (R) Glynn “Coach” Mallory passed on 20 February 2020 and his wife Linda sent this letter of appreciation to the Class of ’72 for the special presentation of the P & T Award.
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Lee camaraderie

Notice of Lee Barnes Passing - October 25th

From Chris LeBlanc: Class of -72, hit your knees....The Lord just took Lee Roy Barnes, Jr. home just a few minutes ago. The doctors were weaning him off the ventilator and it appears his heart just could not take it. He’s gone… Lee has now just met his father for the first time, back on the reservation. For those that might not be aware, Lee Roy Sr. (for the love of me now, I cannot remember his tribal name) was an American Soldier, too, and was lost during the Korean War. He is buried in Kansas.
I will let folks know when I can what decisions are made for burial. Lee's son Chris is not sure yet. Stand by for more news, and stand up for a great American and Soldier.
Lee was in A-1.

Proud and True Award Presentation

What a privilege to visit with Glynn and Linda -- truly great Americans.  Kathleen and I enjoyed a range of stories from Glynn as a Tac (said he always insured he clicked the taps on his shoes so the E2 cadets would have a fighting chance) to stories about their early days of courtship to stories about them reaching out to burn patients at BAMC to stories about their fights v. cancer (Linda finished her cancer treatments the week Glynn was diagnosed).  They both are such models of dignity and optimistic grace.
The award was very meaningful to Glynn -- he expressed gratitude to our class and to his beloved E2.  I have attached a few photos.  As well, he joked about "how unusual for someone to give an award to a TAC!"  We gave Linda some yellow roses from our class as well.  She is a sweetheart!
In all seriousness, Kathleen and I were greatly blessed by this visit with Team Mallory.   May God comfort, strengthen, guide, and console them in the difficult days ahead.
Proud & True,

Lee Barnes - Biography

Lee Barnes joined the Army as an Armor Cavalry Second Lieutenant upon graduation from West Point in 1972; he retired at the rank of Colonel, in 1997.

His service included duty stations in Korea, Germany and United States. He served as a tank Platoon Leader, Headquarters Company Commander, Armored Cavalry Troop Commander, and Tank Battalion Commander (concurrently serving as the Tank Regiment Commander for the Opposing Forces at the National Training Center). His staff time included battalion personnel (S1and Adjutant), logistics (S4) and operations, planning, and training (Army National Guard Advisor, Battalion XO, Brigade S3 and XO, and Division G3). His final posting was as the Chief of the Advanced Concept Office for Army Forces Command.

Lee joined Mystech Associates, which joined Northrop Grumman Corporation through a series of mergers. Lee served as Subject Matter Expert, Business Area Manager, Department Director, National Account Manager, Business Development Manager, and finally, as the Corporate Lead Executive, Orlando, retiring in 2012.

Lee has served as an independent consultant, but chooses to remain RETIRED, except for his volunteer activities, fishing, golfing and grand parenting.

Lee initially volunteered in 2011, to help with the Camaraderie Foundation annual golf tournament, “Pars and Stripes Forever”. He was elected to the board of directors in January, 2013. He was elected as Programs Director in 2015, elected Vice Chair of the Board in 2017, as Chair in Jan 2018, and in Jan 2019, re-elected as Chair for an additional one-year term.

'72 Classmates in Orlando

Here is the picture of all 72 classmates at the Cape Canaveral National Cemetary-A1 plus Chris Le Blanc, Steve Main and Ben Martin.

Lee Roy was well remembered and honored by many friends and associates.  Skip did a great job sharing some remembrance for A-1 and Chris did the same. Ann was very appreciative of the company turnout!
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Classmates at Lee Barnes Funeral

Going around the table starting on the left are:
Chris LeBlanc; Tod Wilson; Murro Martens; Bill Guarino; Ray Idzior; Paul Oskvarek; Lee’s son Christopher; Skip Ash; Tom Waller; Steve Curtis; Tom Pawlowski; Steve Main

West Point Grad News

Cadet Sponsors Provide Time Well Spent

Cadet Sponsors Provide Time Well SpentCadet Basic Training (CBT) is stressful enough on its own, but in the summer of 2020 new cadets had to endure Beast Barracks with the added stressor of COVID-19. “I remember lying in bed on that first night thinking, ‘If this is what being an officer is like, I don’t know if I can do five years,’” Knights says. He found that he missed his parents a lot, even though he told them and himself before CBT that he wouldn’t. As it turned out, by the end of Beast, Knights learned that he now had a second family. True, his companymates and classmates have become family to him, but at the conclusion of CBT Knights also met his Fourth Class Sponsor family: Chaplain (Major) Jay Hudson, his wife and their three kids, who have volunteered their home to assist Knights and five other plebes in their development by exposing them to Army traditions, customs, and courtesies, as well as helping them realize that the Army lifestyle involves a family environment not all that different from what they knew as civilians just a few months earlier. Full story.

WPS of the Tennessee Valley Hosts AIAD Cadets

WPS of the Tennessee Valley Hosts AIAD CadetsSix Redstone Arsenal Advanced Individual Academic Development (AIAD) Cadets (Owen States, Chris Sowinski, Ethan Paraiso, Luke Hester, Josh Dale and Dan Minyard) enjoyed a dinner at Mellow Mushroom with West Point Society of the Tennessee Valley Officers (Bill Wilhelm, Comms Officer), Ian Humphrey (Active-Duty Liaison Officer), Heather Burruss (Cadet Engagement Officer), John Warnke (Activities Officer) and Gary Stewart (President) in Huntsville on the evening of June 10, 2021.

Grads Honor the Fallen at Arlington National Cemetery

Grads Honor the Fallen at Arlington National CemeteryIn May, many West Point Grads volunteered to participate in a service project called “The Honor Project” during Memorial Day Weekend. Grads, Veterans, and civilians traveled to the Arlington National Cemetery and laid out flags in front of the gravestones of nearly 4,000 fallen service members as a special request from their loved ones during May 29 -31, 2021. The West Point Grads who attended the event also visited the gravestones of West Point classmates who were buried at Arlington National Cemetery. West Point Grads, John DiNome ’81, Charles Chalfont ’94, Bridget Altenburg ’95, Bridgette Bell ’04, Mary Tobin ’03, Janaia Nash ’03, Chief Program Officer, Tracy Tawiah ’03, Kafi Joseph ’03, and Cadet Nathaniel Miseli 23 volunteered at the event.

The Honor Project was started this year after COVID-19 prevented many families from visiting in person last year during the pandemic.

Happy Birthday U.S. Army

Happy Birthday U.S. ArmyJune 14, 1775, America’s Army was founded when our nation’s leaders established the Continental Army. Today, the Army is the strategic land power of the joint force, at its core, selfless soldiers. Never wavering. Never faltering. 245 years of defending our great Nation. Happy Birthday, United States Army!!

Kosco ’62 Releases “Establishing the Brotherhood”

Kosco ’62 Releases “Establishing the Brotherhood”Bill Kosco ’62 has released Establishing the Brotherhood: Army Rugby’s First Team. In true rugby fashion, the creation and publication of Establishing the Brotherhood (available on Amazon.com) was a team effort. First Team Historian, Mike Schredl ’62, gathered team stories, testimonials, and statistics to honor the 60th anniversary of the Army Men’s Rugby in 2021. When Mike passed in 2019, Bill Kosco ’62 assumed the role of editor, obtaining additional input, as well as publication assistance from Dave Phillips ’62 and a cover design by Fred Bothwell ’62.

Establishing the Brotherhood traces the March 1961 origin of Army Rugby to the foresight and perseverance of John Taylor ’62 (founder); the experience of Ric Cesped ’62 (coach), a foreign cadet with high school rugby credentials; and 50 members of the Corps inspired by the Oxford-pitch impact of Pete Dawkins ’59. On 12 May 1962, following General MacArthur's farewell address to the Corps, these cadets took the field and beat the best in the East. Thus began a legacy of leadership, tenacity, and success, establishing Army Rugby as a preeminent Warrior Sport.

Zock ’21 & Kim ’21 Compete at Olympic Qualifiers

Zock ’21 & Kim ’21 Compete at Olympic QualifiersJosh Zock ’21 and Tyler Kim ’21, former members of the Army Men's Swimming and Diving Team, competed in the first wave of the U.S. Olympic qualifier last weekend at the CHI Health Center.

“Tyler and Josh stepped up on the biggest stage of their competitive swimming careers and swam well and competed as they always do – with everything they've got,” Army head coach Brandt Nigro said. “I'm proud of the work and resiliency it took for them to make it to Omaha. They represented themselves, their families, our program, West Point, and the US Army in such a positive manner.”

Zock competed in the 50m freestyle, finishing with a time of 23.52. Kim placed 23rd in the 200m backstroke with a time of 2:02.44.

“They will certainly remember this meet and the experience for the rest of their lives,” Nigro added. “As a program working to elevate it's competitiveness across the board – Tyler and Josh have certainly opened the door for the up and coming folks who look up to them. I'm already excited for 2024 and can't wait to get back to Olympic Trials with many more cadet-athletes.”

WPS of the Mid-Hudson Region Cadet Candidate Picnic

WPS of the Mid-Hudson Region Cadet Candidate PicnicThe West Point Society of the Mid-Hudson Region hosted their popular Cadet Candidate Picnic on Sunday June 6, despite a rather warm day. The Society invites the incoming cadet candidates and their families who reside in the Hudson Valley Region to the event so that the cadet candidates get to meet their local classmates, and their parents get to know other parents. Current members of the Parents Club brief the new West Point families as to what to expect living in the West Point region as their cadet children bring classmates home.

The speaker for the picnic was COL Tanya Estes, a professor at West Point and a decorated Army Aviator. COL Estes delivered a very inspirational address to the cadet candidates and their parents. Fortunately, the folks at the USMA 2nd Aviation Detachment at Stewart Airport allowed the society to use their picnic area.

2021 Service Academy Global Summit

The Seventh Annual Service Academies Global Summit (“SAGS 2021”) will be held virtually/online and “live” on June 15, 2021, with expected attendance by 300-400 attendees representing all five service academies. The Summit theme for SAGS 2021 will be “Rebuilding Together!” and the focus will be on rebuilding our nation, our communities and our institutions in addition to our businesses, careers and lives. Visit the SAGS website to find the full list of distinguished speakers and more details. Register now!